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Ayako Iwakami

I'm from Ishikawa, Japan. I moved from Ishikawa to Tokyo to study. Also I went to Australia to study English. 
After college graduation, I worked in a telecommunications company like manager. This job gave me a lot of satisfaction and recognitions. This gave me confidence in the work and in the life. So, i would like to have new challenge changing my job, then, I tried... It was a really hard period of my life, I worked hardly, I had few time for my self, becoming stressed; it was in that moment that, with the tip of a friend, i met The Yoga.
By the positions and the movements of the body it eliminated the fatigue and the body stiffness at work. I was able to feel the changes in the body while I continued yoga. In addition, it Allowed me to have a more good knowledge of my body and on my mind, improving also my focus skill. Since that moment, the yoga was continually present in my life. In the while I closed my job in the fashion company and went to play yoga in India. I was continuing to play strengthening my body and my mind. In Japan, I started to taught in Tokyo and Kanazawa as instructor. I held a lesson as instructor in Japan in Tokyo and Kanazawa. Now i'm living in Italy, and I'm continuing to play and improve.
  • Registered Yoga Teacher 500
  • Ayurveda Practitioner
  • Ambassador of Manduka japan
  • Ambassador of Peace, Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Human Values and Holistic Counselor
  • TC colore therapist


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